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Hustle Hut is a modular office space that has been designed to reduce distractions and noise in order to  boost productivity in the home or office.

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Privacy meets productivity

Increase Alertness With Integrated Daylight

4000K daylight color temperature LED lighting to increase alertness and optimize video call quality.

3-Layer Acoustics

38mm thick double-layer aluminum honeycomb panel for maximum noise cancellation

Vent System

Flip the vent switch on, and the air in the booth gets circulated in 3 minutes flat to prevent stuffiness.

Acoustic Glass

Dual-sided sound insulation tempered glass allows natural light to come through while filtering out noise.

Hiding From WFH Distractions?

Hustle Hut is here to help, focus on what needs to get done while reducing distractions like the little one's or interruptions from your partner.
What the experts are saying

The Results Are In...

of people
have a hard time concentrating in open-plan offices
(Source: University of Sydney)
average time
to regain your focus after a small distraction
(Source: University of California)
of people
less productive working in an open-plan office
(Source: BBC Capital)


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The Office

$ 5,000 
"It's a fact: we spend more time at work than any other place. Why not make the most of it? The HustleHut is an office in disguise - designed to give you everything you need for a productive day."
Increase Alertness W/ Overhead Daylight
Dual-Sided Acoustic Glass For Natural Light
hustlehut Quiet Ventilation System™
3-Layer Acoustic Soundproof Panels
COLOR: Gun Metal Black
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